Lane Kasselman, former Head of Communications at Uber, and Matt McKenna, former spokesman for President Bill Clinton, created Greenbrier to help companies and individuals avoid, manage and recover from crises. We provide strategic advice and tactical execution to clients facing complex image, marketing, branding, media, legal and political challenges. Over the past two years, Greenbrier has worked with clients throughout the US and Europe to solve complex reputational issues.

We've helped more than 150 clients across three continents solve complex challenges.

Over 45 years of combined expertise in crisis, public affairs and communications.

Our proactive media strategies have created over $5.5 million worth of value for our clients.

Greenbrier client portfolio

  • Multinational corporations
  • Brick & mortar apparel & cosmetic companies
  • High net-worth individuals, celebrities & philanthropists
  • Professional sports and eSports
  • Heads of state
  • Fastest-growing global social networks
  • Venture-backed companies with more than $1B raised
  • Seed, and series A, B & C startups
  • Top 10 Silicon Valley Unicorns
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity firms
  • International Fintech
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