Greenbrier Live: RIF Communications 101

Presentation PDF: Greenbrier Live – RIF Communications The Communications Guide to Layoffs To help businesses handle the unprecedented turmoil of our economy and navigate the very real and very fast impact, we’ve developed a series of articles detailing best practices regarding layoff communications: Part 1: The Reputational Risk of RIF Part 2: Execute a layoff… Read more »

Part 6: Managing Internal Layoff Communications

RIFs are often the worst day of everyone’s professional lives. Leadership feels terrible delivering the news, impacted employees are shaken, and the remaining employees are left to pick up the pieces, having been asked to keep the business afloat with limited bandwidth.   As communications leaders we recognize there is a right way and a wrong… Read more »

Part 5: Corporate PR Recommendations for COVID-19

March 9, 2020 Friends, These are extraordinary times. Like so often for those who work in the communications, public affairs or public policy fields, many of our clients are being tasked with roles and responsibilities regarding COVID-19 for which they have little experience or training. While the team at Greenbrier cannot provide advice about health… Read more »

Part 4: Layoff Communications Do’s

Handling reductions in your workforce? Here are a few examples of good approaches to take. Any layoff, especially at scale, is not welcomed by anyone other than a balance sheet. Although there are several successful strategies to attempt before a reduction in force, it’s something that every organization should be prepared to manage with a… Read more »

Part 3: Layoff Communications Don’ts

Handling reductions in your workforce? Here’s what NOT to do.  COVID-19 is turning our world upside down, making savvy business-decisions even more difficult and disconcerting. These times of crisis are difficult to manage, especially for those at the top who are weighing the decision of making cuts so they can keep the business afloat.  Right… Read more »

Part 2: Execute a layoff narrative pivot

Every business understands how difficult hiring can be – until they reach an inflection point that requires a reduction in force (RIF), or layoffs rooted in structural and market-based changes. While hiring is tactically challenging, the emotional component of layoffs adds a more personal, complex layer for a business to manage. With all the collateral… Read more »

Part 1: The Reputational Risk of RIF

Executives understand that an organization’s reputation – or the combined perception of past performance and actions with future prospects – is one of its most important strategic resources. Companies that have established strong positive reputations attract top talent, engender customer loyalty and spur enthusiasm from investors. But a company’s value to these same stakeholders is… Read more »

The Communications Guide to Layoffs

One of the most challenging responsibilities of being part of a leadership team is making impossible decisions with imperfect solutions. Often during times of economic uncertainty, due to unique business obstacles or larger macro issues like the global economy is facing today, companies are faced with the need to conserve capital to ensure survival. This… Read more »